cs111, intro, computer, science, recitation, java, if, else, and elseif

Recitation 4: Java, if, else, if else

Java if statement

cs111, intro, computer, science, recitation, java, type, casting, and libraries

Recitation 3: Java type casting and java using libraries/packages

Type casting primitives in Java Let’s first take a look at something familiar:

cs111, intro, computer, science, recitation, installing, and java

Recitation 2: Variables, Initialization, Assignment, Declaration, Boolean Expressions, installing and running java programs

Recitation 2 What are variables? What is declaration, assignment, initialization, a boolean expression, types, and syntax?

cs111, intro, computer, science, and recitation

Recitation 1: 8 Coin Problem, Truth Tables, Boolean Expressions

Recitation 1 What is Computer Science? What is a programmatic way of solving something? Lets say I’m an alien and I don’t know how to tie shoes. How would you describe the process of tying shoes to an alien or really a child who has no idea. You m...

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Installing Java - Understanding JDK, JRE, JVM, PATH, CLASSPATH, JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME

The purpose of this article is to inform you how to install java, how to run your first java program, and to understand what happens when you run a java program.

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When Spring 2017 Who Akhilesh Bondlela, Brian Ellsworth, Nicholas Grieco, Huy Phan, Vinay Shah, and I What • Built an application to control your home’s HVAC system that will learn based on behaviors, built with Android (Java), Python, HTML/C...

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When At HackRU Fall October 2016 - Rutgers University Who Bhargav Sonani, Nicholas Grieco, Roopesh K, Dhuvesh Patel, and I What We build a VR mapping to camera system. Basically a user will put on the Oculus Rift. As the the user moves their he...

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How to Build a Static Website with Github and Jekyll from Scratch or Jekyll themes

“Hello World” - is how you start your CS education. So this post will explain in detail how to get a baseline personal website like this. There are two ways: you can use Github’s default style or just download a template and drag it into the repo.

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When HackRU Spring 2016 Who Roopesh K, Alex Jia, and I What An application that lets students plan out which courses to take by displaying a dependency tree of courses by prereq using Python, HTML/CSS + Bootstrap and Heroku Process ...

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When April 2015 What A fun game to run from the command line using java. Learned a lot about java threads and graphics. The code itself is not beautiful - a lot of repeat, but for a first project it was a great learning experience. Link to repo h...