At HackRU Fall October 2016 - Rutgers University


Bhargav Sonani, Nicholas Grieco, Roopesh K, Dhuvesh Patel, and I alt text


We build a VR mapping to camera system. Basically a user will put on the Oculus Rift. As the the user moves their head left and right a camera the real world will move one to one with the user. alt text

The Process

ERROR picture not found We built this system using the following components:


Won “Most Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence to Control Hardware from Siemens” Enjoyment and left with more knowledge then when I started

What I learned

Why you should not use an http webserver or a restful service to pass realtime data How to not make a socket connection (Eventually) how to make socket connections Storing key-values in memory is fast

some of the code


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