Rutgers University CS111 (Intro to Computer Science) Recitation Supplements Spring 2018

cs111, intro, computer, science, recitation, java, if, else, and elseif

Recitation 4: Java, if, else, if else

Java if statement

cs111, intro, computer, science, recitation, java, type, casting, and libraries

Recitation 3: Java type casting and java using libraries/packages

Type casting primitives in Java Let’s first take a look at something familiar:

cs111, intro, computer, science, recitation, installing, and java

Recitation 2: Variables, Initialization, Assignment, Declaration, Boolean Expressions, installing and running java programs

Recitation 2 What are variables? What is declaration, assignment, initialization, a boolean expression, types, and syntax?

cs111, intro, computer, science, and recitation

Recitation 1: 8 Coin Problem, Truth Tables, Boolean Expressions

Recitation 1 What is Computer Science? What is a programmatic way of solving something? Lets say I’m an alien and I don’t know how to tie shoes. How would you describe the process of tying shoes to an alien or really a child who has no idea. You m...