(a photo of "you" during the pandemic)

I live in North Jersey and build software at Capable Health a modern api/backend for healthcare data (kinda like firebase or stripe). Before this I was at Yogi, an analytics platform for making sense of things that are difficult to make sense of. Yogi, the startup, does not have to do with yoga (per say) and Yoga is not physical - that is really only Asana; tiny part of Yoga. Previously, was in LA at Renew, a startup that was tackling the problem of why medicine is so expensive in the US. I grew up in Jersey and studied engineering at Rutgers. During this time I interned/worked/consulted at many organizations big and small mostly writing software among other things. Have been working with founders, co-founders, and CTO's since 2015. Generally a creative and problem solver. I enjoy tackling big problems in a small detailed manner and asking/thinking about the big questions in life. Always a work in progress and accepting of the present.

Technical chops: I do everything but the frontend (as you can clearly tell by this page which was heavily insipred by Patrick Colison (thank you for the CSS)). These days primarily: devops, infra, data eng/data infra. Strong: Python, Java; Some: Go, C; Less: Ruby, Node.js, ES6. I've used every major service in AWS and yes the UI still has issues which is funny cause its mostly devops using it and the trend is to go to infra as code paradigm (AWS if you are reading please invest more in frontend). Most the code I've written is closed source, although that will slowly shift. Have worked on scaling issues, data ETL pipes, full infra setups from scratch, among many other things. Vim 4ever ;)

Email me; BTruer on GitHub; bhargav1 on Linkedin;