I live in North Jersey and am currently building Greenlit, financial software for filmmakers, IP holders, IP investors, and licensors. Previously, I was at 3 healthcare and/or AI startups that (mostly) shutdown and learned what not to do. There are real problems in healthcare (around the world and in the US), there are definitely slow and incremental ways to solve them (policy/public and private markets) so all people can have good health. Though much more emphasis should go to prevention and lifestyles that naturally have good health. I grew up in Jersey and studied engineering at Rutgers. During this time I interned/worked/consulted at many organizations big and small mostly making software among other things. I have been working with founders and CTO's since 2015. Generally a creative and problem solver. I enjoy tackling big problems in a small detailed manner and asking/thinking about the big questions in life. Always a work in progress and accepting of the present.

Email me; BTruer on GitHub; bhargav1 on Linkedin;